Online Video Resources


GT Building Fluency Webinar 1

In this first Gehry Technologies webinar, we will cover the following:

  • Navigating within a large and detailed Digital Project model.
  • Specific methods used by Digital Project to handle a large building model.
  • Observe the working relationship between the model and the data.
  • See how a large scale Digital Project model is organized and why this is important.



GT Building Fluency Webinar 2

Topics covered in webinar 2:

  • Understand and build the types of elements that are used to drive your Digital Project™ model.
  • Change a simple set of geometric elements to cause associative parametric changes to the whole model.
  • Build parametric BIM structural elements in the Architecture and Structures workbench of Digital Project V1,R4.



GT Building Fluency Webinar 3

Topics covered in webinar 3:

  • Build parametric BIM beams and slabs in the Architecture and Structures workbench of Digital Project V1,R4™.
  • Creating a variety of flexible and fully associative BIM wall elements in Digital Project V1,R4™
  • Get firsthand experience placing BIM doors and windows on flat and curved walls
  • Generate a schedule document and see how updating the schedule alters the BIM doors & windows in Digital Project V1,R4™.



GT Building Fluency Webinar 4

Topics covered in webinar 4:

  • Extract quick, live measurement data from the Digital Project™ model
  • Generate large data sheets of model quantities through the model search tool
  • Group related elements together for later review
  • Visualize the model through the data it contains



GT Building Fluency Webinar 5

Webinar 5 is currently unavailable:



GT Building Fluency Webinar 6

Topics covered in webinar 6:

  • Open and incorporate drawing files from standard 2D formats
  • Import 3D geometry from other modeling platforms
  • Create an information rich IFC file from the BIM model
  • Designate existing model elements as IFC objects