Web-based Access

GTeam supports 3D model viewing from any web browser on any device. Demonstrate and collaborate on 3D models from anywhere without needing the original 3D authoring tool installed. Web-based means no software to install and boundless accessibility.


Powerful 3D Support

Collaborate with anyone by importing industry-standard 3D models. GTeam supports import from industry-standard authoring tools such as Digital Project, Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino & SketchUp. GTeam saves teams time by eliminating tedious conversions from one tool to another.


Get additional 3D features through your browser:

  • 3D Model Viewing:
    Explore your rich, 3D project model using advanced tools. Use filters to display select parts of the model. Open multiple models together in the same viewer.
  • 3D Measuring:
    Perform measuring on your 3D model and then share the results with team members.
  • 3D Clash Detection:
    Perform clash detection and clearance checking to detect interference on one or more 3D models. Compare models created with different authoring tools.
  • 3D Annotation:
    Communicate your ideas with others through annotation tools.
  • 3D Snapshot:
    Capture your modified 3D model and send it to colleagues for review and annotation.
  • Reporting:
    Create custom reports on project BIM data to download and send to team members.
  • 3D Sectioning:
    Use the sectioning tool to make cuts in the model to focus on key areas of your project.


"I like this better than Autodesk’s subscription tool and it’s more convenient than Buzzsaw. GTeam is better than any other free cloud storage service sites. The biggest advantage is being able to view these files without having to use the native software."
- Cesar Trevizo
  Firmwide BIM Manager

Messaging & Comments

GTeam includes centralized messaging and comments that improve collaboration among team members. Similar to popular social media platforms, users have the choice to distribute information privately or to small groups as well as deliver global updates to everyone.


File Sharing

In addition to importing and sharing 3D project files, GTeam enables team to share other project files with the entire team including PDF, Word, Excel, pictures and videos. Create logical groupings of files together using File Sets.


File Synchronization

File synchronization helps teams reduce costly errors by working from the latest version as well as ensuring individual changes are quickly shared with the entire team. Features including File Unlocking help teams be more confident they are using the right version.


File Preview

Rapidly view a thumbnail version of 3D models and other files without requiring a download. Easily vie documents and rotate 3D models to ensure you’re going to work on the right file.


Auditable History

GTeam is the last word when it comes to project history as users now know the entire history of a project. Search across files for information. Team comments and previous versions of files are archived for auditing and history.


Powerful Security

GTeam includes administrative controls and only authorized users can view data stored in GTeam. Make folders files private or public for working with other companies. Role-based access and other security features are built with AEC teams in mind.


Project Administration

Easily gain insight on the status of your projects with Administrator functionality. Quickly access user, file and data storage information, invite users, set data release permissions, create secure private folders, and customize message status options.