Architects Collaborate in the Cloud

Frank Gehry’s GTeam 3D Modeling Platform

When I saw the pilot demo of architect Frank Gehry’s long-term goal to bring 3D Modeling—which is the basis for many of his renowned, contoured projects—to a cloud environment last October in New York City, I wondered how the new technology would hold up under commercial use.

In reaching Gehry Technologies’ Los Angeles office, I got the answer:

“We have streamlined our workflow for sharing 3D models. GTeam is enhancing the effectiveness by which decisions can be made and progress monitored. GTeam is an excellent solution for our needs.” – Zhah Hadid Architects.

“We are having tremendous success using GTeam on our projects. It really does open up a whole new aspect to team collaboration.” -The Pike Company, which is a large construction management firm.

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