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Key Integrations

Base products Designer and Manager may be used as stand-alone products; Manager or Designer is required for all add-on products such as Primavera Integration and MEP/Systems Routing.

Primavera Integration

Primavera Integration provides 4D construction simulation by linking construction scheduling information with a project’s 3D geometry. Primavera Integration allows Digital Project users to link 3D building model components to Primavera activities and to simulate these activities in 3D for 4D visualization (3D + time).

MEP Systems Routing

MEP Systems Routing allows system planners to optimize designs for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in environmental, 3D context to avoid design conflicts. Digital Product Systems Routing is a conceptual design application that enables system planners to reserve the space needed for functional and detail layouts of HVAC, raceways, and plumbing. MEP planners can optimize their designs analyzing spatial needs and installation sequences.

Imagine & Shape

Imagine & Shape combines powerful technology based on subdivision surfaces with simple tools that make it easy for non-surface specialists to design and innovate. Designers use Imagine & Shape for quick surface creation, rapid prototyping, idea expression, and simulations.


Knowledge Template enables automatic capture and reuse of design patterns and sequences of operations for generative design. A flexible repeated design element, can automatically adjust its shape and dimensions when it is placed at multiple locations within a complex building system.

Specialized Translators

Digital Project STL Translator Add-On creates STL files in a fast and accurate way by tessellating CAD data. STL Translator enables import of existing STL files, display of meshes, and quality analysis. STL Translator provides tools for improving mesh quality by removing and reorganizing triangles. In addition, it allows the creation of thin offsets to obtain a watertight solid. Meshes can be exported as standard binary STL files for rapid prototyping machines.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio generates high-quality, photo-realistic images and movies of projects in 3D for virtual building walk-throughs, ideal for presenting design projects in realistic context. State-of-the-art ray tracing; rendering exceeds that of graphic cards.

Photo Studio’s ray tracing technology provides real shadow computation and reflection effects, enabling anti-aliased images and computing images bigger than full-screen resolution. Photo Studio is based on Mental Image’s mental ray®, the industry leading rendering core system for digital content creation and CAD/CAM.