Design & Construction Assist

With a heritage in complex geometry and integrated design and engineering, GT provides design assist services to leading architects and engineers to help invent some of the world’s most striking architecture and complex capital projects.

As projects advance into tendering, fabrication and construction phases, GT provides specialty fabricators and builders an innovative and comprehensive set of services to aid in engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and construction management.

Perfect for

Designers, Architects, Engineers, Fabricators, Builders

Project Delivery Systems™

GT works with owners and program managers to deploy comprehensive solutions for project delivery. GT Project Delivery Systems™ (PDS) enable the streamlined flow of information, intelligence and value across disciplines, phases and geography, eliminating rework and mitigating risk. PDS services ensure the right information and material get to the right place at the right time.

Perfect for

Project Owners, Program Managers, Builders

Enterprise Services

GT Enterprise Services enable owners and AECO companies to achieve maximum value from existing and future capital asset portfolios by leveraging advanced technology investment.

GT insight and global solutions help companies seeking competitive advantage deliver increasingly innovative projects while continuously improving enterprise performance, cost and risk controls.


Perfect for

Institutional Owners, Investors, Builders, AEC Firms